Kids Yoga Story: Sugarlump and the Unicorn by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks

Sugarlump the rocking horse longs to see the world. But when a magical unicorn grants his wish and turns him into a real horse, he soon discovers there’s no match for the fun of playing with children. After trotting around the farm, galloping around a racetrack and even dancing at the circus, Sugarlump learns to be careful what he wishes for. Yet, it is still not too late to change his mind. He tried and tried, gained experience about the world, and finally made a decision. And that is always okay… Enjoy the story with twenty-six kids’ yoga poses!

Kids Yoga Story: Night Monkey, Day Monkey by Julia Donaldson and Lucy Richards

Night Monkey and Day Monkey both live in the same jungle but their lives are quite different until one day Night Monkey wakes up in the day and Day Monkey wakes in the night. When they each spend time in the other’s opposite worlds, they learn a lot and they also learn to be the best of friends. At the end both monkeys return to their familiar routines but have become firm friends occasionally meeting up at sunrise. Enjoy it with nineteen kids’ yoga poses and a relaxation about seeing the world in different ways.

Valentine’s Day Yoga Lesson Plan for Kids

In this Valentine’s Day Yoga Lesson Plan, you will find:
– some information about Valentine’s Day
– some information about our hearts
-warm-up yoga flow with 4 yoga poses
-15 Valentine’s Day yoga poses for kids to put attention around heart and chest
-10 Quotes to raise awareness of heart during yoga poses
-Relaxation: Butterfly Fingertip Massage
-Valentine’s Day Yoga Game: Musical Hearts with my favorite yoga songs
-Valentine’s Day Yoga Activity: “My Heart as a Room”

I hope you like it and have fun!