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3 Fun Yoga Games With Music

I love playing music during my classes. Even while telling a story, there is always soft music which helps the kids focus much better. But when it is the time for a game, I generally choose moving music that makes them dance!

  1. Freeze Dance Yoga:

All children love freeze dance. They shake, turn around, jump and dance. But they have to stop their body when the music stops. Indeed, they anxiously wait for the music to stop while dancing. It brings excitement and makes them laugh.

Simply play a favorite song and have the children dance around. When the music stops, shout out the name of a yoga pose and the students will then have to freeze in that pose. It is fun to see their moving fast to jump into the pose. This also tests their knowledge of poses. Thanks to this game, the kids also learn to control their bodies.

Do not forget to repeat the pose on the other side!

2. Yoga Challenge:

It is better for the kids to be familiar with a variety of yoga poses, especially for this game. I prefer playing this game after at least ten yoga classes. You will not believe how creative they are!

Do not say the name of a pose but give them challenges that allow them to come up with a variety of poses. First play the music and let the children dance all around the class. When the music stops, you can say “I challenge you to demonstrate a pose that requires only two feet on the floor.” “Show me a pose with only your tummy on the floor.”, etc. Here are the challenges that you can use while playing this game:

“In touch with the floor” is my favorite challenge way.

  • 2 feet – House Pose
  • 2 hands, one foot – Dog lifting a tail Pose
  • 2 feet and one hand – Windmill Pose
  • Only Tummy – Bowl / Nest / Basket Pose
  • 1 foot – Tree Pose
  • Head and Back – Candle Pose
  • Only Bottom – Boat Pose
  • Bottom and Legs – Bus Pose
  • Head and 2 feet – Bridge Pose
  • Bottom, one leg, one foot – Seated Twist Pose

But you can certainly enrich this game. For instance, you can say “Show me a pose of an animal that is found in the water, or flies, etc.” This game allows the children to remember certain yoga poses and practice as well as better mind and body coordination.

3. Music & Yoga Pose

Play classical music like Mozart, Chopin and have the children sit on their mats in Child Pose. It soothes their minds, and relaxes their bodies. Place one yoga pose card under each yoga mat. When the music stops, the children will look under their yoga mats and practice the yoga pose on the yoga card.

As a conclusion, choose one of the games above to go with one of the stories as a yoga lesson plan. Have Fun!

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