Make Yoga Fun For Kids! Mindfulness A Guided Relaxation Story – Frederick by Leo Lionni

A Guided Relaxation Story – Frederick by Leo Lionni

Frederick is a dreamer whose endless store of supplies warms the hearts of his fellow mice, and feeds their spirits during the darkest winter days. If you are a parent, you can read this relaxation story to your kid. If you are a kids yoga teacher, you can combine this relaxation story with one of the kids yoga stories. I hope you enjoy it!

Lie down where you can be comfortable. Release your arms near the body. Relax your feet… now take a deep breath through your nose. And feel your body relaxed as you breathe out. If you want, you can close your eyes softly. You can imagine better with your eyes closed. Now I am going to tell you a story.

The hero of our story is a mouse named Frederick. This story is about a family of field mice preparing for winter. As the winter approaches, the little mice begin to gather corn, nuts and wheat. They all work day and night. All – except Frederick. Frederick sits in a corner and dreams. When they ask him why he doesn’t work, he says that he works, gathering sun rays for the cold dark winter days. Another day, he gathers colors for winter is gray. And once Frederick seems half asleep, gathering words, for the winter days are long and many. The winter days come and the first snow falls. In the beginning they are a happy family, a lot to eat and tell. Little by little their food is gone. And it is cold in the wall and no one feels like chatting. Then they need something else that will warm them up and enjoy them. They remember what Frederick says about sun rays and colors and words. Here, the sun, colors and words that Frederick collects for the winter immediately reach their help. Frederick asks his family to close their eyes. “Now I am sending you the sun rays. Do you feel the golden glow of the rays?” he asks. As Frederick talks about the sun, the four little mice begin to feel warmer. Then Frederick tells the field mice of the blue periwinkles, the red poppies in the yellow wheat, and the green leaves of the berry bush. They see the colors as clearly as if they are painted in their minds. And finally, Frederick reads a nice seasonal poem from the words he collects. They all applaud.

It works – what Frederick collects during summer. You can try what Frederick does from time to time. When you go to a beautiful place, you can watch around carefully. You can gather beautiful sounds, images, even smells in your mind. Then whenever you feel bored or sad, you can gently close your eyes and visualize the memories that you have already gathered. You can imagine yourself being there again. Maybe you have already done this. You can try it now if you want. You have time for it… Where would you like to be?.. What is around you?.. What colors are visualized in your mind?.. As you breathe in calmly, you can enjoy a little more of your visualization…  

Now it is time to wake up. When you are ready move your fingers and toes, hug your knees into your chest. Roll over onto your side. We press ourselves up to sit, crossing our legs. We bring our hands together at our heart. Namaste!

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