Make Yoga Fun For Kids! Mindfulness A Relaxation Story about Changing Feelings

A Relaxation Story about Changing Feelings

Kids can develop skills to become aware of their feelings and be more comfortable with them. The feelings come and go. They do not define the kids. They can even change through the behaviors. Here is another guided relaxation story about changing behaviors and feelings.

My Magic Wand

Lie comfortably on the ground. Put your hands on your belly. Take a breath through your nose and imagine that a balloon swells in your belly as you do so. Feel that this balloon extinguished as you exhale (We repeat this five times). With breathing your whole body relaxes; imagine that it is melting like ice on your mat.

I will tell you a short story now…

Winnie the Witch lived with her cat Wilbur. She can change anything she wants with her magic wand: she can turn her black house into a colorful one; she can get bored with winter and move to summer; on her birthday she can make a huge cake with a hundred floors; she could travel to where she wanted in a minute! One day Winnie the Witch decided to go on a vacation. But this time, she could not fit her magic wand in her suitcase because she took a lot of clothes with her. So, she came to you and said “Can my magic wand stay with you until I come?” And you gladly accepted. Besides she told you that you can use the magic wand only once but you can only change a behavior you want to change about yourself. Now it is your turn! Take the wand in your hand and turn it around your head three times. 1… 2… 3… Abracadabra! The magic wand worked! Notice that you are feeling happier now. Imagine yourself with your new behavior. Maybe you used to be more nervous, now you are more peaceful, or you used to be impatient, now you are calmer. Just enjoy the change with a smile on your face. You shine lights around you with the change.

Repeat quietly:

Affirmation: I have the power to change.

Now it is time to wake up. When you are ready move your fingers and toes, hug your knees into your chest. Roll over onto your side. We press ourselves up to sit, crossing our legs. We bring our hands together at our heart. Namaste!

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