About KidsYogaFun.com

Hello & Welcome to KidsYogaFun.com!

I have been practicing yoga for a long time and I know how good it is not only for my body but also for my soul and mind. As a mother of two children, I wanted my girls to have a taste of yoga and wished that they loved it, too. And it worked! That’s how I fell in love with kids yoga as my children started doing it.

Meanwhile, I realized that the content of children’s yoga is richer than that of adult yoga. There are not only yoga poses, but stories, songs, games, and your imagination. This is where my admiration grew even more. As someone who studied English language and literature at university, I have always loved reading books with my children. I can spend hours with children’s books. And here is where my love of literature meets my love of yoga, that is Yoga for Kids!

In short, my career path firstly went through kids yoga teacher training (RCYT) and then 200 hours of adult yoga teacher training (RYT 200). I’ve never been interested in teaching adult yoga classes. But I’m grateful as it helped me deepen in kids’ yoga. In the meantime, I completed MBSR program based on Eline Snel Method.

While I was teaching kids yoga classes in kindergartens and preparing kids yoga lesson plans for myself, I started to think why not share all these with other kids yoga teachers like me. Because sharing is caring! And so, my third baby, my blog was born: KidsYogaFun.com. I can’t tell you how my heart grows when I see a happy kids yoga teacher who benefited from the content of KidsYogaFun.com and smiling children doing yoga in a class, at the other end of the world.

Therefore, Dear Kids Yoga Teachers and Parents who are having fun doing yoga with their children, this “Kids Yoga” blog is all yours! Enjoy it!

All the Best,