Category: Kids Yoga Themes

I love preparing themes for my kids yoga classes.

First of all, in this way I can have in-depth information on a certain subject. Take the dinosaur yoga, for instance. I wouldn’t have learned so many dinosaur names otherwise…

By organizing my kids yoga classes around a theme, I am able to create a more structured yoga lessons for children. Depending on the theme I choose, I can organize my kids yoga lesson plan with a related song, game and craft activity.

Investing some energy and time on theming always makes me happy, and that satisfaction reflects on my classes.

I love engaging themes in kids yoga classes so that I can easily capture their attention. I wouldn’t have taught the shapes any easier if it wasn’t with yoga. Children will not even realize how much they are learning while having so much fun.

Themes help kids feel connected to. It is very satisfying to see their participation and contribution to the lesson especially when they know the topic.

Lastly, remember to go to your kids yoga class by preparing relevant materials: pictures, books, toys, anything that helps visualization!