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8 Best Short Yoga Games for Kids

Every yoga teacher needs a few good yoga games when teaching classes for kids. Here is a list of fun yoga games for you which take only five to ten minutes and are great to use at the beginning of class as a warm-up, during the last few minutes if you still have time, or if attention spans are short. These games are also great as you need almost no materials or only one. Besides, you do not need to prepare before the class. Just keep these games in your mind and have fun of them whenever you play!

22 Best Yoga Games for Kids

Every kids yoga teacher needs a few good yoga games for kids and teens. These games are great for improving attention and concentration: 1- Blind man’s Buff Yoga Game 2- Grandmother’s Yoga Steps 3- Red Light, Green Light Yoga Game 4- Yogi Says 5- Mirror Yoga Game 6- Let’s Tell Yoga Game 7- Animal Guessing Yoga Game 8- Yoga Ball Game 9- Fun Train Yoga Game 10- Yoga Spinner Game 11- Add One 12- Body Chalk Board 13- Musical Mats 14- Opposites 15- Museum 16-Hot Potato 17- What is missing? 18-Balloon Dance 19-Hot Lava 20- Seven Chakra Stones 21- Follow the Leader 22- Monkey in the Middle

The Benefits of Playing Memory Games in Kids Yoga

Kids enjoy practicing their memory and recognition skills. In that sense, playing memory matching games has many benefits: Memory games improves childrenโ€™s concentration as their brains stay alert. Memory games are also good for visual memory aid. It is a good exercise for the brain, boosting focus and attention. With memory games, the children can …

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