Make Yoga Fun For Kids! Ideas and Advice Why are Hand Puppets important in Kids Yoga?

Why are Hand Puppets important in Kids Yoga?

As a kids yoga teacher, you can make puppets a part of every kids yoga class. Communication between the teacher and the children improves with the help of puppets.

When direct communication is unsuccessful as the child usually rejects talking, playing with puppets can help them overcome such problems.

The animated puppet draws the attention of children, who are willing to do the work carefully and quickly for the puppet.

Here is a brief information why you should bring the hand puppets into your yoga classes:

  • Ability to communicate:

The hand puppets communicate with the kids more spontaneously. Thanks to a kind of cover of disguise like a shield to hide behind, they avoid stressful relationships. Especially shy children are more courageous to express themselves through puppets.

In addition, children accustomed to using puppets in their everyday conversations have a richer vocabulary. Puppets bring relaxation into communication and make children open to new knowledge

Teachers state that children find it easier to start talking through puppets. Teachers and kids can establish contact and improve their communication. Even silent, shy kids relax during puppet activities. Therefore transfer of information are made easier. Being more confident with puppets, children can overcome fear with the help of them and find it easier to start talking.

  • Encouraging creative ways:

Puppets arouse imagination and creativity. The puppet is often curious. It likes to ask questions.

Moreover, puppets usually enlightens children’s talents and different forms of their creativity. When a puppet guides lessons, it generally enables children to learn with relaxation and lots of fun. This is one of the simplest and most eff ective ways to develop and support the child’s curiosity about the environment.

You can be surprised by the effect of puppets on the memorising of poems, for instance. Teachers use puppet activities to test the knowledge of children, without the children being aware of that. Indirect communication with the puppet reveals all their knowledge. What is more, flexible teachers can test children’s knowledge in informal and playful situations with puppets.

  • Expression of emotions:

According to the children, puppets have their own life and therefore, when they speak, their communication will be secret.

Through puppet activities, children can express their emotions in an acceptable way. This enables teachers to notice children’s experiences and feelings, which would have been impossible without the puppet.

It is a wonderful tool for therapy, education and special needs

  • Humour:

Humour is an important element of the learning process. Therefore, you should take it seriously. Humorous situations with the puppets can stimulate all fields of the imagination. The children as their friends sometimes get very attached to puppets. The children play with them, take them to everywhere, even for a walk.


As a kids yoga teacher you can always have a puppet in class. You can use it while greeting the children, especially it always works on their first yoga day. It makes the first meeting easier, and relieves tension. Children have relaxed conversations through it. They sometimes accept the puppet as a member of their group. Their little friend becomes a part of kids yoga class. They have a very important influence on social relationships and the atmosphere in the group.

In addition, during the process of socialisation, separation from parents is very upsetting for some children. Crises are an inseparable part of each developmental and maturing process. A puppet can help overcome such crises.

So why don’t you make your own puppets by using card, sticks, tape and wire, and decorating them with coloured gel, feathers, wool etc.?

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