Make Yoga Fun For Kids! Kids Yoga Stories Kids Yoga Story: Little Pip and the Rainbow Wish by Elizabeth Baguley and Caroline Pedler

Kids Yoga Story: Little Pip and the Rainbow Wish by Elizabeth Baguley and Caroline Pedler

Pip would love to play with Milly and Spike, but he’s too shy to ask. If only he had something to give them . . . An inspiring tale of courage and friendship… Enjoy the story with nineteen kid’s yoga poses.

Hidden away, small, and wet, Pip huddled beneath a hedge (Mouse: Sitting on your heels, bend forward. Rest your forehead on the mat in front of you. Place your arms wherever you feel comfortable, they can be extended or down by your sides.). While out in the open, Milly and Spike puddle-sploshing. Pip wanted to join in, but he was such a shy little mouse that he couldn’t think of a way to ask.

Pip watched as Spike gave Milly a dandelion clock (Flower: Sitting tall, bring the soles of your feet together. Slide your hands underneath your legs and take hold of your ankles. Balance on sitting bones.). Together they wiggled and whooped around it. Perhaps, Pip thought, if I had something to give them, they would play with me. He looked around him but he could see only scratchy stones and patchy sky (Look around/Easy Seated Twist: Beginning in crossed-legged position, place the left palm on the right knee and right palm back on the floor – fingers pointing outwards. Turn and twist your body to the right along with the neck to look back.). Just at that moment a shining rainbow lit up the clouds (Rainbow: Coming onto your knees, extend one leg to the side. Placing your opposite hand down to the other side, lift your other arm up and over your ear making a beautiful rainbow.). What a present that would be for Milly and Spike! They could slide down it (Slide: Sit on the floor with the legs stretched straight in front. Place your hands on the floor behind you, fingers pointing towards your bottom. Pointing your toes, raise the entire body upwards.), balance on it (Flamingo: Standing tall, lift one leg back towards your bottom grasping your foot. Lift your other arm up to the sky. Keep the chest out while maintaining the balance.), make a tent under its colors (Tent: Open your legs wide but a comfortable distance apart. Lift your arms up over your head bringing your hands together.). And he would be their friend.  

But the rainbow was so far away… too high to reach on the tips of his paws (Mountain on Tiptoes: Stand in Mountain Pose, pressing all the toes on the floor. Raise the body upwards balancing on all ten toes.) … too far away to catch with a bendy stick (Crescent Moon: Standing tall with hands on the sides, sweep the arms up overhead palms touching. Lean over to one side so that the biceps touch the ears.) … and his bounce was just not bouncy enough (Frog: Squat down with your fingertips on the floor. Push up to your tiptoes, take heels off the floor and hop!). No matter what he tried, the rainbow was very, very up and Pip was very, very down.

“What are you doing?” asked Milly, who had stopped playing to watch. Pip’s tail blushed to its very tip. “I wanted to catch the … er … er …” “The rainbow?” said Spike. “That’s brilliant! We’ll help!” Spike clambered onto Milly’s shoulders (Climbing: Standing tall, raise one leg slowly up and lift the opposite arm as if you are climbing up.). “Come on, Pip,” he called. “We need you, too.” And he swung Pip right to the top of the mouse-tower. The tower was sky-high (Raised Hands: Stand with the feet hip distance apart. Lift your arms upwards and continue the movement doing a back bend.). But then Pip began to wobble… the tower began to sway… And they all fell into a jumbly mouse heap! (Falling/Standing Forward Bend: Standing tall, bend forward at the hips. Take the upper body downwards bringing it close to the legs.)

We could just wish for the rainbow,” Pip said quietly. “Good idea!” said Spike and together they squeezed their wish into the sky (Namaste: Sitting tall and crossing your legs, bring your hands together in touch in front of your chest, in prayer position.). But the rainbow stayed just where it was. Then Milly picked up the dandelion clock. “Someone could fly to the rainbow!” she said. “Who is lightest?” “Me, me!” cried Pip, suddenly not shy at all. Milly and Spile pulled Pip along until the wind scooped him up so high that he could almost touch the rainbow (Flying: Standing straight with your feet together, bend your upper body forward bringing it parallel to the floor. Balancing on your right leg, raise your left leg and stretch it behind you. Extend the arms out at shoulder level.). But the seeds began to fall from the dandelion clock, one by one. And Pip sank slowly back to earth (Falling/Standing Forward Bend: Standing tall, bend forward at the hips. Take the upper body downwards bringing it close to the legs.).

“I didn’t catch the rainbow,” said Pip sadly. “You were very brave,” said Milly (Brave Warrior 1: Standing up, step one foot forward and bend into the front knee. Turning the back toes out, raise the arms above your head, palms to touch.). “We will just have to think of another way,” said Spike, hugging him (Hugging: Sitting on the floor and crossing your legs, wrap your arms around yourself and give a caring hug.). But at that very moment, the rain stopped, and the rainbow melted away and was gone.

“Don’t go!” begged Pip. “Don’t worry, there will be another rainbow,” said Spike. “But I needed it to give you so that you would be my friends.” “But we are your friends!” said Milly. “Who needs presents anyway?” said Spike. Then off they raced, as together, hopping, sploshing from puddle to puddle until the night sky burst into a brilliant sparkling of stars (Star: Standing up, widen your feet placing them far away from each other. Lift the arms parallel to the floor. Extend the arms at shoulder level.).


Now, find a comfortable seated position and close your eyes. Take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Do this a few more times, slowly inhaling and exhaling.

Think about one person you would like to be friends with. Maybe you’ve seen them around but haven’t talked to them yet. Or maybe you’ve already said hello but feel nervous about what to say next. It’s okay to feel that way.

As you breathe in, imagine taking in all the good things around you. As you breathe out, imagine letting go of any negative thoughts or worries. Remember, it’s okay to be shy, and it’s okay to take your time getting to know people.

Take a deep breath in and imagine sending that person a smile. Maybe they’ll smile back, or maybe they won’t. But either way, you’ve shared a little bit of kindness with them. You never know where a smile can lead!

Remember, friendships take time to grow, just like flowers. Be patient with yourself and others. With kindness and understanding, we can all bloom into our fullest potential.

Take one more deep breath in, and as you exhale, slowly open your eyes. Thank yourself for taking this time to meditate and reflect on friendship and being shy. Namaste!

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