Kids Yoga Song: Make a Circle Song for Kids

You can play and sing this song as a warm up at the very beginning of the class. It is also useful for the first yoga class if the children do not know each other yet, especially for preschoolers’ circle times.

Time to make a circle.

Make a circle, big big big. (hand in hand, making circle big)
Small small small. (hand in hand, making circle small)
Big big big.
Make a circle, small small small.
Hello hello hello. (Hello Sun)

Make a circle, round and round. (Turning around hand in hand)
Round and round.
Round and round.
Make a circle, round and round.
Hello hello hello. (Hello Sun)

Make a circle, up up up. (Reach up to the sky on your tiptoes)
Down down down.
Up up up.
Make a circle, down down down. (Crouching down)
Now sit down. (Criss cross your legs)

If you would like to read some more about fun yoga songs for kids, here is the link for some tips on how to use music in your kids yoga classes.

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