Make Yoga Fun For Kids! Mindfulness Mindful Fall Ideas for Children

Mindful Fall Ideas for Children

The weather has begun to cool, the leaves have begun to turn color. Autumn is already here. While all this is going on in nature, children sometimes don’t even notice… examining a yellowing leaf, feeling the wind on their skin, or lifting their head and relaxing with the passing clouds… let’s enjoy autumn with our children now! There is so much to do indoors on a rainy day or outside on a cool but sunny day! Here are a few examples:

My Own Place:

Everyone needs some time alone in a quiet place – even children. You can create a space for your child to think, dream or just be alone. Quiet time without television, video games, or other stimuli promotes reflection and relaxation. In this way, children feel calmer.

Find the ideal alone time with your child and dedicate it to this job only. This place can be the base of an old tree in front of your house, the sky view from your balcony, or a window where you can look out from the inside. Spend time for your child to try and choose their special place. Put a chair or cushion where he chooses. Keep a blanket within easy reach. Then help him sit in that place and practice being alone. Encourage him to just sit still and enjoy the solitude, without noise. Let your child know that space is his to use whenever he needs it.

Nature Says:

Everything moves in nature. The world turns, it rains, the wind blows, the leaves glide down, the animals hop, jump, crawl, run. Now is the time to take your kids outside and imitate the movements in nature! You can play this game with 3 or more kids. First, choose a leader. Let the leader give commands to the players who need to move towards the determined finish line or the leader by doing the moves that the leader says. For example:

Nature says, “Float like a leaf.”

Nature says, “Jump like a rabbit.”

Nature says, “Wave like the sea.”

Nature says, “Kick like a bear.”

Diversify the game by imitating all the movements in nature. When all players reach the finish line, you can end the game or continue with a new leader. Remember, there are no winners in kids’ yoga!

This game encourages kids to act, be creative and have fun.


As adults, we generally begin to turn our heads less towards the sky and notice clouds less. You probably have beautiful memories of watching the clouds as a child. Maybe you were looking at the clouds and dreaming. Come on, now give your children a very valuable gift: TIME.

Lay down on the floor with a blanket or towel so you can watch the clouds. Make sure that the sunlight does not get into anyone’s eyes. Watch the clouds, then watch some more. This time spent in silence helps spark the imagination. For example, imagine you are traveling on a cloud. Where are you going? Create a story together with your child about your cloud journey.

So, what shapes do you see in clouds? Are the clouds thin or fluffy? Are they the same shape as the clouds you will see tomorrow? If you are on a slightly windy day, you can do a cloud race with your child. Everyone chooses a cloud for themselves. Identify a point in the distance, such as the top of a tree. The cloud that gets there first wins this race.

Watching the clouds awakens imagination and curiosity as well as helps you relax.

And after that, wouldn’t an autumn yoga be great?

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