Gratitude Yoga for Kids

Gratitude means being thankful for what we have in our lives. Yoga teaches us to be grateful for our health and bodies. This gratitude yoga flow for kids will help you focus on all you have to be thankful for.

Theming a Kids Yoga Class

Click on one of the themes of your choice and see the yoga pose ideas for kids! I love preparing themes for my kids yoga classes. In this way, I can have in-depth information on a certain subject. By organizing my kids yoga classes around a theme, I am able to create a more structured yoga lessons for children.

Fun Yoga Songs for Kids

Here are some tips on how to use music in your kids yoga classes: 1- Make it fun! 2- Prepare a warm-up playlist. 3- Create a repertoire. 4- The key to kids yoga songs is repetition. 5- Remember to rehearse and memorize the lyrics and movements…

Kids Yoga Lesson Plan – Yoga Theme: Desert Animals

Now it is time to explore deserts. Let’s pack some water, sunscreen and protective clothing!

In this lesson plan, you will find:

A warm-up song, that is very appropriate for kids yoga
14 desert animals yoga poses with some explanation both about the animal and the pose
A relaxation part (Body Scan on the soft and warm sands of the desert)
Camel Handprint craft
And some short yoga game ideas

I hope you like it!

Kids Yoga Lesson Plan – Yoga Theme: Shapes

In this kids yoga lesson plan:

You will find the links of the warm up songs about shapes.
Then, you will be introduced to the shapes with their yoga poses.
A relaxation story will follow about shining stars and affirmation.
After the savasana, a game is waiting for you about shapes with two versions.
At the very end, you may like to relax more with geometric breathing.