Make Yoga Fun For Kids! Mindfulness Relaxation for Kids – Teach Kids Silence with Three Mindful Practices

Relaxation for Kids – Teach Kids Silence with Three Mindful Practices

We are living in a world that constantly has noise: traffic, machines, music, social media, television. One of the most peaceful places is inside of you. Giving your mind quiet time throughout the day is healthy for your brain and your body. When you are quiet, you can ask yourself questions and listen to yourself. In that quiet place you learn to trust yourself. Actually, quiet times change your brain so that you can focus better.

You sometimes may feel like your mind is racing. One thought makes you have another thought which leads you to another thought. When you slow down your thoughts, you can get better at not letting yourself get carried away by your worries. Just like adults, children and teens can feel their mind settled down through meditation practice.

Here is a meditation practice for your children to make them feel restful:

1- Choose Your Calming Word

Sit comfortably and close your eyes.

Begin with two deep breaths. In and out. In and out.

Choose a word that makes you feel calm. Here are some ideas:





Repeat your word. When your attention drifts away, just focus on your word again.

Notice that your breath may slow down and you may feel more relaxed.

Or your mind may race to other thoughts; just bring it back to your word.

Just repeat your word no matter where your mind wanders.

When the time is up, take a deep breath and stop repeating your word. Open your eyes.

It is also significant for your child/teen to limit the time he/she spends watching TV, playing video games. Sometimes TV, video games, social media can also trick their minds in an unhealthy way. By putting the devices away, they can be more disciplined and less distracted.

Here is another relaxation guide for your child to learn how to focus on:

2- Thoughts, Feelings and Clouds

For this exercise, your child needs to be outside, in a comfortable place. It is better if she/he lies on a blanket on the ground with his/her face towards the sky.

Begin with two deep breaths. In and out. In and out.

Look up into the sky. Feel how much space is between you and the sky.

Your mind may be racing with thoughts.

Watch the clouds in the sky.

Imagine that your thoughts are just like the clouds in the sky come and go…

The clouds change form and shape, even color just like your feelings and thoughts.

It can be helpful to remember that you are part of a larger universe.

Keep looking at the endlessness of the sky.

When you feel ready, close your eyes and take a deep breath.

The next time you feel overwhelmed with your thoughts or feelings, just remember how it feels to look up at the sky. The sky continues to be reaching out endlessly into the universe.

The sky will be always be there for you.

Moreover, it is important for children and teens to be comfortable with themselves so that they won’t fear being alone. They can draw, read, go for a walk, dance, do puzzles. When they become comfortable being alone, they are more sensitive to their feelings, putting their attention on their hearts.

Another mindful exercise to feel connected with the universe is below:

3- Connection: “I am part of…”

Sit in a place where you feel comfortable.

Close your eyes.

Say the following to yourself:

“I am part of something bigger than just me.

I am part of a family.

I am part of a community.

I am part of this planet…”

Take a deep breath and open your eyes.

Sounds have the incredible power to affect our mood. These mindful exercises, by changing our brains, make us see things more positively and not be so tired. In that silence, you can think about how to get the life you want to live.

If you need to get some more ideas about meditation, you may want to read about how to teach kids meditation. Then, you may proceed with some relaxation stories and enjoy them!

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