Tag: Animal Yoga for Kids

What’s your favorite animal yoga pose?

Many of the animal yoga poses resemble the creature they are named after. That is why I sometimes feel like I am at the zoo during my kids’ yoga classes.

Most probably, ancient yogis mimicked what they saw around them. It appears that they found imitating animals to be an enlightening experience for both the body and mind. When active kids participate in animal yoga poses, even the wild ones calm down in a few minutes, keeping their body focused.

When we practice an animal yoga pose, we both do a physical exercise and experience the symbolism of that animal. For example, dogs enter downward dog position when waking from a nap to stretch. Or cats when awakening from sleep, they instinctively stretch and arch their spine. In that sense, kids’ yoga poses, especially animal poses do not only build animal empathy but also enhance kids’ knowledge of the natural world. As practicing animal poses nourishes kids’ imagination, it is a great idea to introduce children to kid’s yoga from an early age. Pretending to be a dog, bird, or snake becomes a way to connect to the world around so that kids can appreciate and respect all living creatures.

In the meantime, while enjoying your animal yoga poses with your students or kids, please do not hesitate to make up your own animal poses. The possibilities are endless. With a pinch of imagination, move around like the animal you choose, make its noises so that learning will be much fun!