Tag: Yoga Poses for Kids

Kids yoga poses are actually adapted versions of classical yoga poses for children. They usually take their names from nature and especially animals. That’s why kids yoga is so much fun. Be careful not to stay in one pose too long while practicing the kids yoga poses. Once in the pose, if it’s an animal pose, imitating the animal’s voice will make it easier for you to stay in the pose longer. If you’re telling a kids yoga story, you can save the most exciting part of the story for after you get into the pose. This helps you stay longer in the kids yoga pose. Always use your imagination and have fun creating new kids yoga poses with the children. Always remember that every age group is different in kids yoga classes just as every child in the same age group is different and special. The children look at their kids yoga teacher and think that they are doing that pose as they should. Carefully avoid correction and always encourage them. Remind yourself that yoga is not just about poses, that kids yoga poses are simple details for us to move, and that our most important job is to have fun. And now it’s time to have fun!