Make Yoga Fun For Kids! Yoga Games The Benefits of Playing Memory Games in Kids Yoga

The Benefits of Playing Memory Games in Kids Yoga

Kids enjoy practicing their memory and recognition skills. In that sense, playing memory matching games has many benefits:

  • Memory games improves children’s concentration as their brains stay alert.
  • Memory games are also good for visual memory aid.
  • It is a good exercise for the brain, boosting focus and attention.
  • With memory games, the children can train their little minds, strengthen their muscle memory.
  • Memory games can keep a child stay focused for longer periods while having tons of fun.

In kids yoga, we can use memory games in several ways:

1- Memory Match Game:

As you can see in the photo below, you can shuffle the cards, which I generally prefer animal cards as there is always a yoga pose regarding that card. When the cards are ready to play, you can call each kid one by one to open up two cards. As there is no competition in kids yoga, we collect the matching cards in the middle. And arrange a yoga flow as soon as all the cards are matched.

2- Partner Match Game:

Another alternative is that you can randomly put each card under their yoga mats while they are already in child pose resting with a classical music at the background. When the music stops, the kids wake up and look under their mats and wander around to find out who has the matching card in the class. When the partners find each other with the same card, they present the class a partner pose together. This game does not only support concentration but also social skills.

3- “Who is hiding?” Game:

Get some small animal toys and a box or a cup to cover the animals one by one. And make up a story that some animals are walking in the garden. Suddenly one of them hides underneath the “bush box”. What animal is hiding? The children memorize the location of each animal then close their eyes. The yoga teacher hides one of the animals beneath the box. Then the players open their eyes. The players try to remember which animal is now hidden beneath the box. The first to find the name of the hidden animal says it out loud. If it is the right answer, the teacher lift the box to reveal the hidden animal. If it is incorrect, other kids can then give their answer. As soon as the animal has been found, the children close their eyes again and the game continues. When all the animals are hidden and discovered, the teacher and the children can arrange a yoga flow with the animals

Now it is time to choose one of these games and have fun!

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