Make Yoga Fun For Kids! Kids Yoga Themes Kids Yoga Theme: Alphabet Yoga for Kids

Kids Yoga Theme: Alphabet Yoga for Kids

The Alphabet is one of the basics we all learn in school. And learning alphabet can be fun and active. So why not combine yoga with the alphabet! This Alphabet Yoga is a combination of animal yoga poses to make up something for every letter of the alphabet. 

You can make fun of yoga and education all at once! It is not only fun but will help your child/student learn ABC. It is a way of active learning for kids. Practicing the yoga poses for each letter of the alphabet is both physical and mental challenge. 

And when doing the animal yoga poses, please remember acting and sounding like the animal! You may also teach your students/kids about their habitats and more as well as focusing on the letter sounds. 

Then let’s move and learn at the same time!

Animal Yoga Poses for Each Letter of the Alphabet:

Aa – Albatross:

Aa – Albatross

Standing up, bend your knees and drop your hips until your upper leg is as close to parallel to the floor as possible. Stretch the arms out at shoulder level.

Bb – Butterfly:

Bb – Butterfly

Coming to seating position, bring the soles of the feet together. Flutter your knees up and down just like butterfly wings.

Cc – Camel:

Cc – Camel

Standing on your knees, toes can be tucked or long. Place your hands on your lower back, fingers pointing up or down. Pressing the hip bones forward, lift your chest to the sky. Arching your back, look up.

Dd – Dog:

Dd – Dog

Coming to all fours, tuck the toes, lift your knees. Send your hips up and back.

Ee – Eagle:

Ee – Eagle

Standing up, bend the knees slightly. Lift left leg up and wrap it over the right leg. Hook the top of left foot behind right calf. Straighten your hands. Right arm on top and left arm under, wrap together pressing the palms together. Raise the arms to the level of the chest.

Ff – Fish:

Ff – Fish

Extend your legs long and point your toes. Drop down onto your elbows, resting on your forearms. Slide your hands underneath your buttocks. Lift your chest up, letting the head rest lightly on the mat.

Gg – Goat:

Gg – Goat

Sitting tall, take your legs out long. Bend one leg and place your foot onto the outside of the long leg. Place the opposite elbow to the outside of the bent knee. Placing your other hand behind, twist the upper body and look over your shoulder.

Hh – Hare:

Hh – Hare

Sitting on your heels, lean forward. Stretch your arms and shoulders behind you. Interlock your fingers, opening your chest. Bend forward from your hips lifting your arms up to the sky.

Ii – Iguana:

Ii – Iguana

Standing up, place your both hands on the floor. Step one foot back to make a straight line, keeping your knee off the mat. Walk your front foot out to the edge of the mat so that your hands are down inside of your front foot. You can stay on your hands or lower to your forearms for a deeper stretch.

Jj – Jaguar:

Jj – Jaguar

Hands and knees on the floor, bring one arm out extending in front of you at shoulder level. Extend the opposite leg out behind you at hip level. Balance the body on one palm and knee.

Kk – Kangaroo:

Kk -Kangaroo

Bring your feet together or a little apart. Bending your knees, lean forward. Bring your hands together in front of your chest, pointing the fingers down like kangaroo paws.

Ll – Lion:

Ll – Lion

Kneeling up, hands wide, inhale and then exhale with an haaaa letting the tongue drop down and the eyes open wide. Let everything release with this roar.

Mm – Mouse:

Mm – Mouse

Sitting on your heels, bend forward. Rest your forehead on the mat in front of you. Place your arms wherever you feel comfortable, they can be extended or down by your sides.

Nn – Nightingale:

Nn – Nightingale

Sitting back on your heels, cross your arms over and grab your shoulders. Try making your elbows like a beak by giving yourself a big hug.

Oo – Octopus:

Oo – Octopus

Lying on your back, raise your legs and arms up. Move your legs and arms in all directions and very slowly.

Pp – Parrot:

Pp – Parrot

Open your legs wide. Come halfway up into a flat back. Lift your arms out at your side like wings floating up and down as you fly like a bird.

Qq – Queen Snake:

Qq – Queen Snake

Lie on your tummy, bring the hands up by the side of the chest, push the hands into the floor and lift your chest up.

Rr – Rhino:

Rr – Rhino

Lying down on your tummy, rise up placing the hands on the floor in front of you. Bring one arm over and above the other elbow and bring the palms to face each other (similar to Eagle pose). Lock the elbows and lift your chest off the floor a bit.

Ss – Shark:

Ss – Shark

Lying down on your tummy with face down, place your arms close to your body to the sides. Raise both legs from the waist. Raising your chest off the floor, extend your arms behind your back and clasp your hands together.

Tt – Turtle:

Tt – Turtle

Sitting up, bring the soles of your feet in touch. Slide your arms under your legs lowering your body down towards the floor in front.

Uu – Unicorn:

Uu – Unicorn

Step your left foot forward, keeping your left knee bent. Come up onto the toes of the right foot. Raise your arms overhead, palms to touch.

Vv – Vampire Bat:

Vv – Vampire Bat

From standing position, open your legs wide. Placing your hands on your hips, fold forward from the hip. Move the head towards the floor looking upside down.

Ww – Whale:

Ww – Whale

Lying on your back, bring the feet close to you bending both the knees. Place the arms on the floor besides you. Using the support of the arms and feet, raise the lower back high up towards the sky. The shoulders are firm on the floor. Then, slowly bring the entire body back to the floor.

Xx – Xerus:

Xx – Xerus

High on your knees, curl your toes. Slowly lower down and sit on your heels with toes curled under. Bring your hands together in front of your chest, pointing the fingers down like squirrel paws.

Yy – Yabby:

Yy – Yabby

Standing with your legs wide, bend your knees and squat down. Bring your arms out like a cactus, your hands pointing up towards your head like yabby claws / opening all the fingers to be faced in front.

Zz – Zebra:

Zz – Zebra

Step one foot forward and put your back knee down, tucking the toes. Sweep your arms up, palms to touch above your head.

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