Make Yoga Fun For Kids! Kids Yoga Themes Yoga Theme: Camping Yoga

Yoga Theme: Camping Yoga

Enjoy the camping yoga with twenty yoga poses. Do not forget to take some photos of camping to your class!

Let’s go camping! But before we go, we need to prepare our backpack. Backpack Twist: Sit up tall, legs outstretched in front of you. Let’s take our arms out wide and twist round one way to get some sunscreen and hat. We take our arms wide again twist the other way to get sleeping bag and water bottle (ask for suggestions from children).

Let’s put on our boots because we may walk in the mud. Sticky Mud/High Lunge: Standing up we take a big step, lunging forward, bending our front knee and another step and another. Big steps through the sticky mud!

We are going by caravan. Bus: Sitting with our legs out forward and holding the steering wheel we bump and bend our legs as we steer side to side stretching each way as we go, up hills leaning back, down hills folding forward.

Shall we climb the mountain? Climbing: Standing tall, using opposite arm to leg we climb up. Mountain: Standing tall and perfectly still, eyes can be open or closed, breathing steady. We are immovable like mountains.

There is a waterfall over there! Waterfall: Standing forward bend. From Mountain Pose, bend your upper body, reach your toes, sway your arms. The waterfall pours into a river. River: Sitting up tall, legs out long in front of you. Point your toes and place your hands behind your bottom with your finger pointing towards your bottom. Lift up your hips. Hey, look! There is a canoe on the river. Boat: Sitting on our bottoms, we lift up one foot, then the other foot, and one hand and no hands. Rowing: Sitting up tall, legs long, we take hold of one of our ankles and drawing it down to our foot, then back up again to our waist we row our boat, singing row row row your boat. Have you seen the fish leaping in the water? Fish: Lying on your back, prop yourself up on your elbows and point your toes down. Then pop your chest up to the sky and look all the way back behind you.

Let’s go back to the forest. Group Tree: Standing tall, place the heel of your foot on top of the other. Bring your hands together at your heart and grow your branches up tall. And let’s set up our tent. Tent: Standing with your legs wide, feet forwards and hands together above your head, making a pointy roof for your tent.

 Let’s sit on a deckchair and enjoy the sounds of nature. Chair: Standing with your feet together, or a little apart, bend your knees and lift your arms sitting down into your chair. I can hear the birds whistling. Bird: Standing up, bend forward from your middle, keeping your back long and straight. Your arms become wide wings floating up and down at your sides as you fly like a bird. I can see a spider on the rock. Spider: Standing with your legs as wide as your shoulders, bend your knees to place your hands inside your feet. Walk your fingers around the back of your feet, like tickly spiders until they are on the outside of your feet, crouching down, resting your legs over your arms like a spider. Rock: We kneel down and tuck ourselves into a little tiny ball. I can also hear the woodchopper’s voice from very far away. Woodchopper: Standing tall, legs wide, we criss cross our fingers behind our back and fold forward letting our arms drop over the top, saying “chop”.

It is getting darker. Let’s light a campfire. Candle: Lying flat on your back, arms out wide, lift your legs and feet up to the sky. Your toes are flickering flames. The stars are shining in the sky. Star: Standing tall with your legs wide and arms outstretched. You are a big, bright and very sparkly star! The moon looks so beautiful! Crescent Moon: We stand up tall, feet together and reach our arms up above us. Then we lift and lean over to one side, still pointing upwards as much as possible, looking like the moon.

Camping Yoga Flow with Stick Figures

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