Make Yoga Fun For Kids! Kids Yoga Themes Yoga Theme: Dinosaur Yoga For Kids

Yoga Theme: Dinosaur Yoga For Kids

Some children are interested in dinosaurs for a certain period of time. It is possible to find a lot of dinosaur story books in the bookstores. But you still may want to create your own dinosaur story. Then please enjoy the dinosaur yoga poses:

Dinosaur Yoga Flow with Stick Figures

Dino Roar: Lion (Kneeling up, hands wide, stick out your tongue and roar)

Dino Walk: Dinosaur (Standing up, legs wide, bend forwards and take hold of your ankles. Lift up one foot after the other going clump clump)

Dino Egg: Mouse (We kneel down and tuck ourselves into a little tiny ball)

Baby Dino: Happy Baby (Lying on our backs, we bend our knees and take hold of our feet, keeping the soles of our feet facing up to the sky)

T-Rex: Chair (Standing with your feet together, or a little apart, bend your knees and sit down into your chair. Stretch your arms in front of you like a t-rex)

Stegosaurus: Hedgehog (Coming to our knees we lean forward, putting our forehead on the ground.  We place our hands on our back like hedgehog quills)

Pterodactyl: Bird (Standing up, bend forward from your middle, keeping your back long and straight. Your arms become wide wings floating up and down at your sides as you fly like a bird)

Triceratops: Cat (On all fours, round your back up, then down)

Brontosaurus: Giraffe (Standing tall, we reach our hands up tall, making a long giraffe neck and start walking with your long giraffe legs)

Diplodocus: Dog (We press our feet and hands into the floor as we lift our bottoms to the sky)

Ankylosaurus: Lizard (Coming high onto your knees, step one foot forward so you are on one knee. Place both your hands down inside of your front foot and step or wiggle your back leg out straight behind you. Come down onto your elbows if you fancy having a closer look at the floor)

Brachiosaurus: Extended Side Angle (From Triangle Pose, bend your front leg, rest your front elbow on your thigh, and reach your other arm straight up high to the sky. Look up.)

You may also want to do a dinosaur yoga with the lovely story of Tinysaurus.

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