Make Yoga Fun For Kids! Kids Yoga Themes Yoga Theme: Transportation Yoga for Kids

Yoga Theme: Transportation Yoga for Kids

Transportation is always fascinating for kids. Anything with wheels or that moves is sure to grab their attention. The idea is to introduce and discuss different modes of transportation on land, sea and in the air. You may ask if anyone has been on a plane or train… ask how students get to school every day. You may sing “The Wheels on the Bus” at the very beginning of the class to warm up. Enjoy the transportation yoga with thirteen yoga poses!

Transportation Yoga Flow with Stick Figures

Airplane: We come to our knees and take our arms out wide. We drop down onto one arm and wave at the sky. Then we bring our foot in front of our knee and shoot our back leg out to the side.

Bicycle: Lying on our back we put our hands behind our head to lift our shoulders, then we pedal our bicycle with our legs.

Boat: Sitting on our bottoms, we lift up one foot, then the other foot, now one hand and no hands!

Bus: Sitting with our legs out forward and holding the steering wheel we bump and bend our legs as we steer side to side stretching each way as we go, up hills leaning back, down hills folding forward.

Car: Sitting tall, stretch your legs out like big wheels. Grab your steering wheel. Drive your car with some forward fold and side stretching.

Helicopter: Standing tall, feet together, we jump our feet to the side then bend our knees. We stretch our arms out wide, then keeping our legs still we twist our body and arms to face the front again. Chopper!

Hot Air Balloon: Sit up tall with your legs crossed, cup your hands round your mouth and as you blow up your hot air balloon stretch out your arms gradually as it gets bigger. When it is as big as it can be you may rock from side to side a little!

Motorbike (Roadrunner): Standing up, fold forwards and place your hands down either side of your feet. Step one of your legs back and bend your front knee down into a lunge. Lift your chest.

Rocketship (House): Standing with your legs wide, feet forwards and hands together above your head.

Sailboat (Triangle): Standing up, step one foot back, pointing your toe slightly outwards. Take your arms up parallel to the ground, bend at your waist, and tilt your upper body to the side. Reach your front hand to gently rest on your shin and reach your other arm straight up.

Submarine: Lie back and lift up one leg to the sky, leaving the other leg long along the floor. Then lower  it down and swap sides.

Surfboard (Surfer): Standing with your feet wide, bend your front knee and spread your arms out wide as your surf the waves.

Train: Standing with our elbows bent at our sides and arms pointing forwards. We walk on the spot to start the train. We lift one hand to pull the horn – toot, toot and we are off clickety clack, clickety clack, here we go around the track, faster and faster and faster we go, until we are going very slow. Pull the horn again as we come into the station.

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