Make Yoga Fun For Kids! Kids Yoga Themes Yoga Theme: Weather Yoga Poses for Kids

Yoga Theme: Weather Yoga Poses for Kids

Would you like to teach your kindergarten kids “weather” with yoga. It’s really fun! Enjoy the weather yoga with eight yoga poses.

Sunny: Hello Sun – Reach up with joy to the beautiful sun and say “Hello Sun”.

Windy: Tree – Standing tall, place the heel of your foot on top of the other. Bring your hands together at your heart and grow your branches up tall. And sway like a tree in the wind.

Cloudy: Child’s Pose – Sit back on your heels, slowly bring your forehead down to rest on the floor in front of your knees, rest your arms down alongside your body. Pretend to be a still cloud.

Rainy: Raining – Using our fingertips we go pitter patter all over our faces and body like a rain shower.

Lightning: Standing Spin – Standing tall, legs a little wide, arms out to the side. We whizz our arms one way then the other and start to spin, keeping our feet still on the ground.

Thunderstorm: Feet wide, arms wide like a house pose, clap your hands above your head like the big claps of thunder in the sky.

Rainbow: Come to two knees and take your arms wide. Place one hand down to the side and extend your leg out to the other side. Reach up and over your ear with your top arm, making a beautiful arching rainbow.

Snowy: Star – Standing tall with your legs wide and arms outstretched. You are a nice snowflake!

Weather Yoga with Stick Figures

You may also prepare a yoga lesson plan by bringing this weather theme together with a lovely story of Monkey the King, in which there is sun, rain, lightnings and thunderstorms.

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